What To Know About Folded IRC Coupons

Professional printing services can help you with everything from communication to marketing. Folded instantly redeemable coupons (IRC) can help your company provide value to customers. When you take charge of your printing services by exploring this print strategy, you'll start to get returns on your investment. This guide will teach you more about it so that you can get the work that you need. 

What exactly are folded instantly redeemable coupons (IRC)?

Folded instantly redeemable coupons (IRC) are little booklets that contain discount opportunities for your consumers. These fliers are printed on both sides and contain a label that is easily scannable. A lot of companies are beginning to use these coupons as a way to incentivize their customers and to run some promotions for the short-term. You'll get more from these booklets when you understand how they work and why they're helpful. From there, you can design your folded IRC to fit your goals.

How can folded IRC be beneficial to your company?

Folded IRC takes the traditional benefits of coupons and adds barcode technology that makes it more effective for today's manner of doing business. It is an excellent marketing tool since customers in all demographics love saving money. When you create one of these booklets, you can include whatever information you'd like on it so that people can more about your company. This will make them more likely to do business with you beyond the promotion time frame.

These coupons are proven to grow your sales revenue, which is important if you are trying to leverage a holiday weekend or other time period. You'll also appreciate how easy these coupons are to create and that print shops can help you use every part of the surface. This gives you a greater return on your investment and will allow you to print as many as you need.

Speak to different print companies to know how much you will pay for each print run. If you are going to print a wide range of these coupons, you might even want to invest in your own commercial printer. Buying a commercial printer that can help you out with your folded IRC services can cost you $5,000-$200,000. Make sure to purchase the best paper stock so that your finished products are of the highest quality.

Start with these tips and contact print companies that can help you. Reach out to them for more information about folded IRC.