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Create Motivational Posters To Use In Your Business

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Motivating your staff so that they can perform at their best is important. While you may not be able to say motivating and encouraging things in person each day, you can hang motivational posters throughout the workplace to let them know that you appreciate what they are doing and know they are destined to do great things. The guide below walks you through the process to take to create motivational posters that pertain to your specific industry. Determine Which Motivational Sayings You Want to Use on the Posters You need to determine which motivational sayings you want to use when having the posters created before you can start designing them. You want to be sure that the sayings are sweet and to the point as you need to make sure that your employees can read each poster quickly as they pass by them. Ask your employees to submit their favorite motivational sayings to you so that you can get a rough idea of what they find motivational. Determine How Large You Want the Posters to Be Next, you need to determine how large you want each poster to be. You want them to be large enough that people can easily see them as they walk by but not so large that they take up too much space on a wall. Take measurements to ensure that you choose a size that will fit well with the space in your office. Use Pictures That Are Not Protected by Copyright Choose pictures to use on the posters that are not protected by copyright. If you use material that is copyrighted, you could get sued by the original owner for improper use of the photographs. You can ask employees to submit pictures for use on the posters as well in order to ensure no copyrighted material is used accidentally. Create the Posters Visit the UPS website to find the printing service to create the posters you want to have printed. The website will allow you to create a layout for each poster, insert a photo, and add the motivational saying quickly and easily. Be sure to choose to have the poster laminated so that it will last as long as it possibly can. When you order multiple posters, it can make the printing process a little bit longer. The company should be able to let you know when the posters will be ready when you place the order so that you can start using them right...

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What Do Your Wedding Invitations And Stationary Say About You?

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Choosing your wedding paper products is a big decision; make sure that the design and materials chosen fully embody what you want to convey to your guests. For example, did you know that the color of cardstock, paper goods, or labels used can say a lot about you as a couple? Keep this in mind when meeting with printers and wedding planners. Consider the following color themes when picking out the paper for your wedding accents, favors, and invitations: Traditional colors. If you want something traditional and timeless, you really can’t go wrong with the following colors and personal statements: Light green clover shows contentment and balance. Luxe blush is a sign of nurturance and affection. Aubergine indicates creativity and shows that the new couple are curious. Using the soft shade of blossom, a very pale pink, indicates tactfulness and is similar to sending a happy smile to your invited guests. Earth tones. There is something natural and relaxed about earth tones; consider this when selecting the colors for your upcoming nuptials: The soft shade of curry represents good health and a couple that loves life. Lovely chartreuse signifies adventure and powerful energy from the couple. Antique gold is a symbol of success and practicality. Sage shows that you pay attention to details. It also is a sign of a flirt. Hot hues. Choose something trendy and current, such as the following hot colors for your modern invitations and luxurious party favor labels: Persimmon is a color indicative of energy and passion–perfect for your nuptials! Glorious coral is a shade that represents optimism and energy. Pale purple beet signifies inspiration and empathy. Bold peacock represents patience and seriousness about your upcoming wedding. Sophisticated shades. If you are looking at chic, modern affairs, choose colors that reflect this: Eco-white is a sign that you are optimists and that you are able to effectively solve problems. Black night shows that you adhere to tradition and a sense of formality. Light-colored gravel is chic and shows excitement, as well as attention to personal goals that you make. Pale, chic papaya shows that you are an advocate for others and that you are proud of your accomplishments–including your wedding! Convey who you truly are as a couple by choosing the right colors for your upcoming wedding event. Keep these suggestions in mind when visiting printers and label manufacturers and when picking out your wedding paper...

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6 Things You Can Do To Prevent Dust From Causing Damage To Your Copier

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Dust is one of the most significant culprits out there when it comes to inhibiting productivity around the office by preventing a copier’s proper functioning. Once dust penetrates to a copier’s interior, it can create clogs and coat mechanical parts so that they become less efficient or even cease to function properly. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do to control dust both on your copier itself and all around your office. The following are six ways to reduce dust and prevent copy machine malfunctions at your office: Vacuum trays regularly You should occasionally remove the paper from paper trays and vacuum them out. The paper trays of a copier machine are an ideal place for dust to accumulate.  If you don’t have a vacuum attachment that will fit in your trays, you can alternatively use compressed air to blow away the dust. However, this will let the dust loose in the air so that it might again accumulate in your trays over time.  Wipe the glass with an ammonia-free glass cleaner The scanner or glass platform of your copier can accumulate dust. You can quickly and easily remove this dust by wiping down the glass screen with a cleaner and a soft cloth.  Wipe the exterior of the copier with a dampened cloth Likewise, dust can accumulate on your unit’s exterior. A typical copier unit exterior has many crevices, control buttons, and compartments where dust can easily accumulate.  On a weekly or daily basis, you should briefly wipe down your machine with a moistened cloth to collect and clear away dust.  Store information electronically rather than on hard copy documents Over time, paper can degrade and produce dust. This means that having filing cabinets around your office that are full of papers can drastically increase the amount of dust you have to deal with. Rather than using paper hard copies to store information, you should try to store documents electronically to cut down on dust production. Keep the floors and countertops clean If you have carpeting in your office, you should be aware of the fact that carpets are often havens for dust. A carpet needs to be regularly vacuumed. Otherwise, carpeting can begin accumulating dust and eventually release dust into the air that can compromise air quality and get into the interiors of electronics like copiers.  Get an air purifier for your office An air purifier is a great way to constantly and passively filter dust out of the air. An air purifier can not only help prevent dust from reaching your copier’s interior, but it can also improve the overall health of your...

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Three Ways A Printing And Mailing Service Can Increase Your Company’s Profits

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Many business owners choose to handle their own printing and shipping needs in-house. If you are in charge of a large corporation and have the equipment, supplies, and personnel to handle all of these tasks, this can certainly be beneficial to your bottom line. However, the smallest businesses and the largest corporations can benefit from sending printing and mailing tasks to a third-party organization. If you are looking to increase your productivity and streamline operations by having some of your more mundane day-to-day operations handled outside your company, the following benefits of using a mailing and printing service may convince you. Cost There is a cost associated with handling your own printing and mailing operations. The cost of printer, postage machine and other equipment rental is expensive. You are also responsible for purchasing toner, labels and other supplies for these machines. This all adds up over time, and these expenses fluctuate so they can be difficult to budget for when you are coming up with your budget for the year. When you are dealing with an outside printing and mailing provider, these expenses are typically easier to budget for, which can save your organization money. Efficiency When you handle your own printing and mailing jobs in-house, you have to pull at least one employee from their regular duties to handle these tasks. This can decrease productivity not only for that employee but for those they work with as well. When you send your printing and mailing jobs to a third-party provider, this is no longer a concern. Jobs can be sent through secure channels to the printing and mailing provider, completed off-site and then sent back to you (in the case of print jobs) or dropped in the mail (in the case of mailing jobs) without the need for one of your employees to be pulled off the job to handle these tasks. Space Printing and mailing equipment and supplies can occupy a lot of valuable office space that you may not have to spare. You could use this room for employee work areas, files storage or other needed work-related items. When you farm your printing and mailing jobs out to an off-site provider, like NorCal Presort and Printing, you can empty out some office space that can be used for other things, allowing employees to have more room, or even allowing for the space to hire another employee or two to help with the daily...

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Increasing Customer Interest With Graphics: Why Your Labels Shouldn’t Be Text-Only

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If you’re trying to develop a design for a product label, you know that it has to be something that stands out and that stays in a customer’s memory. One trend has been to have relatively minimalist labels with text that is succinct but designed so that the main words stick out. The lettering is creative, but it’s also not that efficient in grabbing customers’ attention. You may want to consider avoiding the text-only label and instead stick with photos or pictures as the main feature of your label. Easy to Absorb Pictures are going to be a lot easier for customers to see, process, and remember. One reason is that good pictures — say, a lemon on a bottle of lemonade — don’t have to be translated, so potential customers who don’t speak the language used on the label can still tell what the product might contain. The other is that it’s simply easier for humans to process a picture. A 2015 article for eyeQ notes that the brain is designed to grab onto visual cues more quickly than text cues. For a customer scanning a shelf, a picture on the label could be the difference between that customer skipping the product and actually pulling it off the shelf to get a closer look. Better Product Identification Product recognition is not the same as merely processing a picture of a lemon. The style of graphics you use can quickly become a calling card for your company that leads customers to your other products. For example, if you’re marketing a line of sodas, and you use a particular style of picture to show the flavors of each soda, such as cartoon fruit or watercolor-style pictures, customers will be able to spot your other products much more quickly. A chapter on advertising psychology in the Encyclopedia of Applied Psychology notes that this almost consistent type of advertising, where the presentation changes slightly but is overall recognizable, helps make the brand name easier to remember. Abstraction Issues The one real warning about using pictures is that you don’t want to make them too abstract. A bottle of wine that has a graphic with a bunch of grapes and a vineyard is pretty recognizable, but a bottle of wine that has a graphic that has nothing to do with wine, grapes, wine glasses, or any other related item might not do as well because a customer would have to stop and examine the bottle to find out what was inside. That would prevent a lot of rushed customers from taking time to look at your product. Having a professional label layout designer take a look at your label and help with the layout is best. You’ll end up with something that’s got a good picture and a good combination of space and...

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Tips For Small-Business Owners Who Want To Enlarge Their Company

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Do you own your own business? Are you expanding in the next few years and are planning to add a lot of new faces to your list of employees? As the number of people who you employ starts to grow, there are a variety of things that you can do to help make the growth process go more smoothly. Here are a handful of ideas to get you started: Start working on an employee orientation packet: When you have a small number of employees and you hire just one or two more, the existing employees can easily help the new ones with any questions that they might have. However, as you start to hire employees in groups, this can become more confusing for staff, old and new. The employees with seniority may no longer recognize the new hires that might need help, while the new employees won’t know who to turn to. Start working on an employee orientation packet now that covers all the information a new employee might need. For example, you might have a page on logging into the company intranet or instructions on how to work the cranky coffeemaker in the break room. Even if you think you don’t need them at this point in time, start handing them out as soon as possible. Not only will this help give your company a larger feel, you can get necessary feedback before you start handing these packets out to dozens of employees at a time. Get customized ID badges: Many companies have ID cards that consist of little more than the employee’s name, employee number and a photograph on a plain white background. While this may seem to do the job, it’s not optimal. Without ID card personalization, it can be difficult for people to tell at a glance whether somebody else is wearing a badge from your company or from a different company entirely. On the other hand, with well-designed ID card personalization, everyone will be able to tell immediately whether the badge is from your company or not. This is especially important if any part of your business is home service-based. You don’t want just anyone to be able to go to your clients’ homes and claim to be your employees. In addition, hiring an ID card personalization expert to design your ID badges can make your company look much more professional. Decide on assigned parking places: If you plan on moving from a small location with only a handful of parking places to a much larger facility that has hundreds, it may seem silly to worry about parking places right now. But you should start getting your employees ready for the move by beginning to implement assigned parking. Right now, you may only want to assign a parking spot for yourself and one or two managers. Start thinking now whether assigned parking will extend to all management and supervisory positions or just a portion of them. It may seem trivial right now, but you may be able to get extra work from people, which will help your company expand faster, with the promise of an assigned parking place at the new...

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Three Components Of An Effective Brochure

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In this day and age, much of the content people view is electronic based. If you are handing someone a paper-printer brochure about your business to read, you already have one challenge in front of you. With that being said, if your brochure is not laid out properly, your efforts will likely be less than effective. In this electronic age, make sure your business knows what it takes to have an effective paper printed brochure. Dimension A plain brochure with nothing but text is a pretty surefire way to get someone not to read it. Reading can be just as active and engaging as viewing something on the Internet if you add dimension to your document. A healthy combination of graphics, headlines and texts can help grab the reader’s attention and make them interested in reading what you have to say. As an added tip, in terms of graphics, choose pictures that represent or explain the content you have included as this can help you cut down on some of the text, allowing for a quicker read. Action While your brochure is intended to provide information, as a business owner, your overall goal should be to get these people to take advantage of your product or service. Make sure you are including a reason for the reader to act, in order to facilitate this goal. One of the most effective ways to do this is to include a coupon or discount offer. If the reader has a real need for the product or service you have they are more likely to keep the handout if it includes this information, which automatically increases the likelihood of them patronizing your business.   Paper One of the first things a person looking at your brochure will examine is the paper. If you choose low-quality paper, you will be viewed as a low-quality, less-than-professional organization, which won’t serve positively towards your goal of gaining new customers. Paper should be weighted enough that you cannot see the content on one side of the sheet through the other side. In terms of glossy and matte, matte will give you greater longevity as glossy papers are highly prone to fingerprint smudging which can make the content hard to read, fairly quickly.   In addition to the importance of designing an effective brochure, working with a professional printer like America North Printers is also important. A printer doesn’t just help with the actual printing process, but they can also assist you with each of these design...

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Settings That Will Help You Print The Best Color Prints

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Though there might be added costs when you engage in full color printing, the impact that you can have on the consumer of your marketing materials will make up for the cost associated with printing in full color. Color increases information retention and also increases the odds that the viewer will actually look at your message. But if you do not choose the right settings before printing your image, you may then discover errors as soon as you hit print. Convert To CMYK Always print with CMYK to print the best-quality images. The easiest approach is to set-up the file for CMYK immediately rather than later converting it. Never print in RGB, which is set of colors only designed for viewing on a screen. Unlike with RGB, in which white is the combination of all the other colors, CMYK has white as the absence of all other colors. Also, make sure to convert spot colors to CMYK. You may have hidden shadows or glowing portions of the image that appear unexpectedly. The transparent areas of transparent images might not appear, and these areas will instead be represented as white. Also, some of the spot colors will not convert into the proper shade and hue. Add Enough Cyan And Magenta For Blue Blues will sometimes print as purple. Look at the Cyan and Magenta values and make sure that you use at least a 30% difference. If you do not have enough Magenta, but include a lot of Cyan, the color will look blue on the screen, but will look purple when printed. Add Yellow, Magenta And Cyan For Rich Black You might think that simply black will produce the darkest black. However, the darkest black actually has a mixture of Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. So, if you are not happy with how dark your image is, increase these values. Adjust The Image Color So That The Font Is Visible When using text and an image, one of the challenges is that the image behind can make the text difficult to read. One solution is to lighten the image and keep the text dark. Also, if the image is very dark, a light font may be more visible. Select A High-Enough Resolution Always make sure the resolution is high enough. A low resolution will look absolutey terrible when printing the same image blown up to a much larger size. It should be at least 300 DPI. With all of the settings properly set, you are ready to press print, and will be more likely to have better...

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4 Reasons To Invest In Custom Business Cards

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If you’ve recently run out of business cards and want to keep up with your marketing and networking efforts, it may be time to order new ones. You want to make sure that your invest in high quality and unique business cards so that you get the best results. Many individuals choose to buy custom business cards so that they’re able to market themselves properly. Take a look at the following information to better understand the reasons to invest in custom business cards. Unique Business Cards One of the main reasons to invest in custom business cards is the fact that you want unique business cards that stand out. You want a card that properly explains your skills, and what it is your business does so that you can attract more business. When getting custom business cards, you can choose what text and images are displayed on your card. Many people choose to place a photograph of themselves on their card so that new people that they meet can recognize them.  Unique Paper and Size Options With custom business cards, you don’t have to stick to the standard business card paper and size choice. You can have more freedom to choose a more unique option. If you choose glossy paper, thicker paper, or a cut-out style card, you may find that you’re chosen over the competition. This can allow you to continue to increase your business sales. More people will also be likely to hold on to your card because it’s so different.  You Can Have a Quality Card Many of the basic business card providers use cheap printing and paper options, making the cards look low quality. If you’re going to invest in your marketing efforts, you want to make sure that you’re getting quality results. Many custom printers use the best materials so that you get the best results. Include Your Social Media Information In this day in age, many people are marketing their businesses online. If you want to make sure that you’re able to include your social media information, a custom card is the best option. You can include the most important links so that you can be easily found online.  As you can see, custom business cards are the way to go because they offer so many benefits. If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to begin designing your business cards, contact a local custom printing company like 4 Color Print to get...

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Two Tips For Avoiding Problems With Your Business’s Barcode Equipment

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Barcode scanners have become an integral tool for a variety of enterprises. However, there are many business owners that may not be sure of what they need to do in order to get the most from these expensive data collection terminals. If you have recently started your own business, you can use these two tips to help ensure you avoid making some mistakes that can lead to problems with your equipment. Always Use Glass Cleaner One of the more routine tasks that you will need to do for your barcode scanners is to clean them. They can accumulate enough dust or other debris to cause them to become unable to read the barcode. As a result, you will need to clean them either every few days or weeks. However, some people make the mistake of failing to use glass cleaner on the light emitting and receiving components of the scanner. If you use standard cleaning solutions on these components, a residue can be left behind that may inhibit the functioning of the scanner. By making sure that you regularly clean the glass components with an appropriate cleaning solution, you can help ensure that your unit avoids misreading or failing to read the barcode for the items that you are needing to scan. Create A Detailed Maintenance Schedule For Mobile Scanners Mobile barcode scanners are extremely common for warehousing and various mobile service providers. However, this equipment can sustain substantial wear and tear from being deployed in the field. To prevent these devices from prematurely encountering problems, you should make sure that you create a detailed maintenance schedule for these units. This schedule should include checking and changing the batteries, inspecting any waterproof seals as well as cleaning the glass. Additionally, you will likely need to eventually replace cracked glass covers from the scanner due to employees dropping the unit. Therefore, you should make sure to keep spare glass covers available to ensure you can quickly replace it in the event it suffers this type of damage. Barcode scanners have emerged as a common tool for many enterprises, and as these units have become more affordable, small and upstart businesses are increasingly utilizing them. However, you may not be aware of the various steps needed to ensure you are getting the most from these tools. Understanding the importance of always using glass cleaner and understanding the maintenance needs of mobile scanners will make it possible for your enterprise to get the most return from this essential...

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