New Health Food Store? Introduce Your Products Through Insert Printing

If you just opened a health food store and want to sell more products online and in your community but don't have the extra advertising funds to do so, try insert printing. Insert printing or package inserts are used to introduce customers to new products through leaflets, free samples, mini-flyers, and coupons. Your printing company can place the inserts inside your products' packaging for convenience. Here are some essential things to know about insert printing. 

How Can You Get Your Customers to Try New Products Right Away?

A number of customers may want to try something different but may be skeptical about how it tastes. You can mail new product samples to your customers automatically, or you can place the samples in the customers' original orders to save time on advertising them. Package inserts also give you a chance to test new items before you sell them.

For instance, you may want to introduce a new type of organic vegetable soup to a select few customers before placing it in your product line. You can send small leaflets listing easy and delicious recipes customers can make with the soup. 

If the customers like the soup or recipes, they may order the complete product right away or later on. If the customers don't order the items, you may use the test results to improve the soup's flavor, texture and ingredients. 

How Can Printing Inserts Entice Customers Already at the Store?

Getting customers who visit your store in person to try different products is essential. You may choose to place sidewalk signs in front of your store to promote your business, but there's a better way to entice your shoppers. You can combine other advertising methods with insert printing to create the ultimate marketing tool.

For instance, you can serve free samples of your products and place money-saving coupons inside the packaging. If the customers like the samples, they may choose to use the coupons right away. 

Also, ask your customers to complete a quick questionnaire about the free samples when they try them. Questionnaires are the easiest but most beneficial forms of insert printing because they address your customers' concerns, dislikes and likes at once. It's a good idea to place the questionnaires on small cards and insert them into the product samples' packaging. 

If you don't know how to reach customers with your printing inserts or need help deciding on the best way to design them, contact a printing company like Flottman Company