Your Business Card Is Your Best Advertisement

Despite our tech-savvy times, business cards are indispensable in the professional world. A well-designed business card is a great promotional advertisement, a conversation starter and a souvenir of business interaction. The best business cards are professionally designed and printed and are successful because they have traditional elements displayed in an innovative and memorable way.   

Here are a few traditional elements that every business card should have:

  • Simple Is Better

Limit your business card to your essential contact information and logo. Do not clutter it up with extraneous images, colors or text as they are distracting. 

  • Readability Over Creativity

Use a simple, legible font on your card. Decorative and heavily styled fonts are hard to read and add nothing of value to your card. 

  • Size Matters:

Opt for a standard size business card (2" x 3.5" in.) that the recipient of your card can file in his business card file. Over-sized or under-sized cards are difficult to keep and store for future reference. 

  • Subtle Professional Colors:

Choose colors that won't distract from your logo or contact information. Use simple colors like black and white, gray, navy blue and cream. 

  • Keep Your Card Current:

Make sure that all contact information is current and printed accurately on your card. Include multiple contact information such as your name, address, telephone phone number, email address, website url, Twitter or LinkedIn name, QR barcode (if applicable) and a simple logo or brand identity image. 

Here are some of the newest innovations in business card design and printing that will make your business card memorable and stand out from your competition:

  • Silk Business Cards

These cards have a laminated, matte coating on top of the card to protect it and provide a smooth, silky feel in the hand. Silk cards are distinctive and convey class and elegance. 

  • Foil Inked Business Cards

Foil inks enhance the look of your card by simulating the look of shiny metal. These inks are durable and can be printed on either embossed or debossed type. The printed effect is not only visual, but textural as well. 

  • Suede Finish Business Cards

These cards are printed on a thick, sturdy card stock, with a smooth, matte finish that is soft to the touch. Suede cards are duplex printed so they can be printed in another color on the reverse. Embossed type is especially effective on suede cards as it adds to the textural feel of the card. 

  • Spot UV Finish Business Cards

This print process adds shine and gloss to a few graphic elements of your card like your logo. This feature is sophisticated and creates a very attention-getting effect.

A professionally designed and printed business card (such as those offered by Print Source) will set you apart from your competition. It is your first line of business identity and promotion and a lasting advertisement. When you present your traditional contact information in an innovative and creative way, you convey professionalism. Your business card is your identity. Make it work for you.