What Do Your Wedding Invitations And Stationary Say About You?

Choosing your wedding paper products is a big decision; make sure that the design and materials chosen fully embody what you want to convey to your guests. For example, did you know that the color of cardstock, paper goods, or labels used can say a lot about you as a couple? Keep this in mind when meeting with printers and wedding planners.

Consider the following color themes when picking out the paper for your wedding accents, favors, and invitations:

Traditional colors. If you want something traditional and timeless, you really can't go wrong with the following colors and personal statements:

  • Light green clover shows contentment and balance.
  • Luxe blush is a sign of nurturance and affection.
  • Aubergine indicates creativity and shows that the new couple are curious.
  • Using the soft shade of blossom, a very pale pink, indicates tactfulness and is similar to sending a happy smile to your invited guests.

Earth tones. There is something natural and relaxed about earth tones; consider this when selecting the colors for your upcoming nuptials:

  • The soft shade of curry represents good health and a couple that loves life.
  • Lovely chartreuse signifies adventure and powerful energy from the couple.
  • Antique gold is a symbol of success and practicality.
  • Sage shows that you pay attention to details. It also is a sign of a flirt.

Hot hues. Choose something trendy and current, such as the following hot colors for your modern invitations and luxurious party favor labels:

  • Persimmon is a color indicative of energy and passion--perfect for your nuptials!
  • Glorious coral is a shade that represents optimism and energy.
  • Pale purple beet signifies inspiration and empathy.
  • Bold peacock represents patience and seriousness about your upcoming wedding.

Sophisticated shades. If you are looking at chic, modern affairs, choose colors that reflect this:

  • Eco-white is a sign that you are optimists and that you are able to effectively solve problems.
  • Black night shows that you adhere to tradition and a sense of formality.
  • Light-colored gravel is chic and shows excitement, as well as attention to personal goals that you make.
  • Pale, chic papaya shows that you are an advocate for others and that you are proud of your accomplishments--including your wedding!

Convey who you truly are as a couple by choosing the right colors for your upcoming wedding event. Keep these suggestions in mind when visiting printers and label manufacturers and when picking out your wedding paper goods!