Symbols You Could Include On Cards For New Delta Sigma Theta Sisters

Successfully joining a sorority is an accomplishment, and it's especially nice when the sorority is one known for its social and community support. Delta Sigma Theta has a rich history and has been a vital part of student life for much of the African American community even after they graduate. If you know someone who has just become a Delta Sigma Theta sister, congratulations are in order. As you look for an appropriate card to create, look at the sorority's symbols for guidelines.

Red and Cream Colors

The two colors used by the sorority in logos and most symbols are red and cream. These don't have to be the only colors you use on the card, but they are a nice pair to start with. Cream-colored paper with red writing, for example, or stylized bouquet pictures of red and cream roses are lovely options. You can also match the card to a specific gift, such as having a red card with cream-colored roses on the front matched with an actual bouquet of red roses tied with cream-colored ribbons.

Historical References

Delta Sigma Theta has historically been involved in social movements, and references to one of those might be a great addition to the card. Images of the women's suffrage movement, for example, which was the first politically active event that members took part in, or references to the sorority's support of health initiatives and awareness could work. Look for pictures taken at marches or fundraisers and let the card recipient see what a proud tradition they get to carry on.

Purple and Gold African Violets

In addition to red and cream colors, purple and gold play a role to an extent. The purple African violet flower, with its golden center, is another symbol of the sorority. It was adopted as a shout-out to a fellow fraternity. You can add pictures of African violets to the card or send an actual potted plant to the recipient if she knows about the symbol.

While the Greek system in universities has a reputation for things like parties only, some organizations focus on more than just college social life. Delta Sigma Theta is one of these, and your new sorority sister is entering an organization that could be considered a lifetime addition to family. A customized card is a wonderful way to show your happiness. To learn more, contact a company like Quality Digital Creations Inc.