5 Reasons To Produce Business Forms With Professional Press Printing

When it comes to business printing solutions, many companies work with third parties to produce their forms. If you're unclear on whether this approach fits your needs, look at how you can determine if professional press printing is right for your business.


One of the main arguments for working with a business printing operation is to achieve an economy of scale by producing items in volume. Businesses that need to regularly reorder hundreds or thousands of forms every month can benefit from this approach.

Likewise, a business with low volume needs may still want to purchase a large order if its forms are unlikely to change over the coming years. They can buy in volume, save money, and store the forms for later use in a safe space.


Another argument for working with a business forms printing services provider is when you have to deal with complex projects. If your company uses a fairly glossy form or one with multiple colors, you may find it challenging or impossible to produce the necessary items using office-grade printers. Similarly, a complex binding process can create problems. If you need to bind several pages to create a booklet-style form, you'll probably want to leave that to the pros.

Industry or Regulatory Requirements

Not all business forms are solely for the benefit of the company. You may need to pass forms along to industry groups or government regulators. Many of those organizations have specific requirements for how you have to format the forms. Spacing, colors, dimensions, paper types, and fonts frequently all have to fit within previously outlined requirements. This is especially common when organizations use a machine to scan or transcribe forms.

Usually, you can find a business printing company that's familiar with such rules. In some cases, you may have to provide the specifications to the printing service. They should provide samples so you can check with other parties to ensure accuracy and conformity.

Lack of Printing Resources

Some businesses have little to no printing capabilities. They might have an inkjet printer, but that sort of system can be problematic even when trying to produce a few dozen forms. If you just don't have the printing capabilities at your business to produce quality forms in any numbers, it will usually be simpler to turn to a third party for help.

Layout Assistance

Formatting can be a challenge even if you're comfortable with desktop publishing applications. Fortunately, press printing firms have the talent and tools needed to properly and consistently format your forms.

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