7 Ways 3D Printing Will Change the World

Instead of asking what 3D printing can create, the question should be what can't 3D printing create? The options are endless but here are just seven of the many ways 3D printing will change the world. Printable Food It may sound like something out of science fiction but this has actually been done. Pizza, chocolates, and assorted candies can be printed out with various designs. This will be great for astronauts and soldiers whose food options are very limited.

New Health Food Store? Introduce Your Products Through Insert Printing

If you just opened a health food store and want to sell more products online and in your community but don't have the extra advertising funds to do so, try insert printing. Insert printing or package inserts are used to introduce customers to new products through leaflets, free samples, mini-flyers, and coupons. Your printing company can place the inserts inside your products' packaging for convenience. Here are some essential things to know about insert printing.

3 Tips To Write More Effectively On Carbonless Copy Paper

Carbonless copy paper has been popular for years for a reason—it's affordable, easy to use and is really handy for making duplicate copies with minimal work and minimal need for added equipment. However, carbonless copy paper isn't very handy if you can't read the writing on your copies very well. Luckily, there are things that you can do to get better copies when using your carbonless copy paper. Follow these tips, and you can get better results when using your copy paper in your day to day work.

Why Your Small Business Needs Brochures For Advertising

With so much advertising online these days with websites and referral sites, you might not think that your small business needs brochures. The thing is, having paper brochures can boost your small business and is well worth the cost. Finding a brochure printing company that fits your needs as a small business is also a good partnership to have. Here are four reasons you should invest in brochures for your small business.

How To Design A Fantastic Flyer - Even Without Photoshop

Not everyone is a graphic designer, and not everyone has access to a program such as Photoshop or even the knowledge to make the most of it.  Fortunately, you don't need a lot of intimate technical knowledge to make a fantastic flyer - that's something almost everyone can do with a little bit of work, advice and tools available for free on the internet.  Here are some helpful tips and tools that will help you design an amazing, standout flyer.